Creating Fake Stubble

We'll look at this process, the way you would follow a recipe:


Crepe Wool


Spirit Gum (Mehron works best)


Eyeliner Pencil

Mascara Brush



1. Take your scissors, and cut up your crepe wool into a finely ground pile. Make sure the pieces are cut short enough so that you create a sort of powder.

2. Take your eyeliner pencil and draw on your face the outline of where you want your beard, mustache, and/or sideburns to be placed.

3. Shade inside of the outlines with your eyeliner pencil.

4. Take your spirit gum, and generously cover the surface of where you have applied the eyeliner. Use the darkened surfaces as a map for your spirit gum.

5. Wait about 20 second, allowing your freshly applied spirit gum to gain a tacky consistency.

6. Then, take little pinches of your pile of cut crepe wool, and dab it over the tacky spirit gum surface.

7. Push the hair into the spirit gum and skin to create a tight hold.

8. Let it dry.

9. Use your mascara brush to groom the area around your newly applied facial hair.

10. Enjoy!


If you are looking for a more subtle effect, you can use dark eye-shadow or a piece of cork that has been burned at the end to create a "Five O'clock Shadow look." Some people have successfully used tea leaves or even coffee grounds applied to their face with spirit gum, but I discourage this process, as it is messy and unrealistic.


Substitute Ingredients:

Crepe Wool- your own hair, a dolls hair, the fur from a stuffed animal

Spirit Gum- eyelash glue, medical adhesives, liquid latex, or double-sided tape